Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today in my literature class I was given the prompt to write about: Is life a result of choice or fate? When I began to jot down my thoughts on the subject, I thought "I'm sure both play into how your life works out.. I believe that fate can make things happen.."  But then I started really thinking..Fate, something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot. And I have a lot of thoughts on it. Wouldn't it be so unfortunate to believe that nothing you choose makes a difference. Fate is in all control. I think that is a contributing factor to what makes people lazy these days. They believe that some how they will be blessed from the good Lord above for doing absolutely nothing. And that things will fall into place because it is supposed to. Practically everything is a result of choice. We may think some occurrences are just coincidence, but nothing is. Someone had to choose something to get them to where they were, to get to you, which may have affected you and you call it fate. It's kind of an ignorant thought, really. Thinking that things just happen. The world is not a bubble. Millions of choices got you where you are right now. Everything happens because choice and action. However, I do think that some choices are inspired. I believe in a higher power and I don't want to get all religious right now, but everything happens for a reason, because we chose to get there. If this even makes any sense. Things that happen are meant to happen.. because countless choices before got you in the situation you're in now. And those are my thoughts on "fate." 

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